iOS 11 surprised us with hosts of new features

Apple fans have already witnessed the WWDC event lately, and from that very event, we get to know what the latest iOS 11 is appearing alongside hosts of new features. Talking about Apple’s most recent version of operating system, the main feature that strikes our mind is the development of Siri this time. Due to the fact, that Apple brings major upgrades in Siri with every single launch of its iOS. This time is nothing exception. So with Siri improvements, iOS 11 is going to be unveiled; whereby we will get to notice this Apple assistant to offer us with various stylish male and female voices, sounding more naturally that before. But when you ask something to Siri, like for example, you ask “best hotels for Chinese,” you will get to notice answers in Chinese languages. But Apple is going to bring upgrades with Siri in the coming years.

iOS 11 features

Apart from Siri, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook gave us (the Apple fans) the serious definition of the new iOS 11. Via him, we get to know some of the not so intelligent features to be coming with the new iOS 11. This time it’s hard for fans even to believe that we will have to rely more upon the web browsers and for 32-bit processor apps, they are going to bid a farewell in the 64-bit processor. Also note, users with the 32-bit processor, if you go for a restoring processor upgrading your device then game over! Your 32-bit apps will vanish from your device, and this time, forever! Twitter has been a part of Apple since it was introduced more than five years ago, but now we only have to brace up with the internet browser itself because the 32-bit apps will not be of any according to the development of the new iOS 11.

With hosts of new features, the iOS 11 beta version was brought to us by Apple. We have seen fans signing in for the forms to own the beta version. As announced officially the beta version is only available to the users, but the original version will be available on the market shortly, preferably by 2017. With the new iOS 11, developers have redesigned some apps such as Control Centre along with Lock Screen, which has been improved massively. Some Apple apps such as the Phone app or the Calculator app has greatly gone through a huge transformation. Now that we have talked about some of the massive changes brought by Apple in its latest iOS 11, we should wait for the original version of the operating system. Till then keep a close eye in order to get the most up-to-date information about the new iOS 11.

07. July 2017 by kanailalmohanti
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