How to Active HDFC Debit card in ATM? — Full Guide

Debit cards are the plastic cards for the users to avoid carrying huge cash with them in bulk or paper cheques. Debit cards are basically linked to your bank account so automatically drawing the amount from the bank. Debit cards can be used anywhere either in shopping centres, booking movies, food stalls, HDFC net banking etc. Nowadays banks also provide customers with payback reward options and other exciting offers. If there is no money available in the account, the use of debit card got declined. Debit cards are the wonderful means to manage your money along with keeping records of retail transactions and withdrawals.


How to activate the HDFC debit card at ATMs?

Presently, banks send debit cards to the customers by mail and asked them to contact the particular branch for the 4-digit PIN number. Banks ask customers even to check the expiration date and sign on the back of it so that it does not get misplaced.The bank authority requests customers to use that temporary PIN in the ATM for activating the card and create their own PIN number for the security purpose.

Choose always an HDFC ATM available near the visible location and follow the activation instruction by inserting your debit card and PIN number. In case there is any problem, you can contact at the toll-free number provided at the back of your card. Also you can visit the branch and ask the concerned bank authority to activate the debit card.

What happened if the HDFC debit card got damaged/ not working?

In such a situation, immediately contact HDFC bank using phone banking facility available 24×7, where you can hotlist your card and request for the reissuance of a new card. You can even submit a written application at nearest HDFC bank branch for reissuing the card and make ensure that there are no charges levied upon it.

Procedure to be follow if HDFC debit card PIN got blocked

If you entered an incorrect PIN three times in any ATM using debit card, your access might get blocked due to security concerns. After 24 hours, your card got activated and then tries it with the same PIN available with you. Again if the issue remains the same then immediately visit your HDFC bank branch and request for a new PIN.

Few things to keep in mind while shopping online using HDFC debit cards

As a security feature, all HDFC debit cards required four digit PIN number as password for transaction and do not keep it 1234 or your date of birth. Make ensure that the website is secured with https and check the merchant credibility by going through online reviews, comments posted by users. Carefully read the terms and conditions before agreeing to the seller’s privacy policy. If you are a first time user, start with minimal cash in your HDFC debit account, also frequently monitors your account so that you can avoid fraud theft. In case if you found that the amount is deducted from account without your knowledge, immediately take strict action and inform the concerned bank authorities.

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