SHAREit Application: Why You Should Use it?


Sharing applications are a huge thing today considering the fact that all  major activities today are done on our smartphones. Previiusly, before the advent of high –end handheld devices, Bluetooth and infrared technologies were prevalent for sharing files or data from one device to another. Now, with the introduction of the best high end applications of today, Lenovo’s DOit range of application brings forth another high end sharing application called SHAREit. Probably, the most used cross platforming sharing platform in the world right now, with over  600 Million users from 200 countries and is now currently available in 39 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese making it a global phenomenon.


Now, one of the USPs of the SHAREit application is definitely the transfer speed of the application. SHAREit is 200 times faster than the best and the latest Bluetooth connections with the highest speed going up to 20M/s accounting for very fast transmission of media content. Furthermore, the application does not have a preset size of files allowing filesas small as 1MB to as large as 10Gb to be successfully shared from one device to another.

The application makes use of the WiFi direct concept or WiFi hotspot to transfer files between two or more devices. It actually creates a server of files between your device and the network i.e. WiFi hotspot or direct. The added functionality of this involves no requisites for the any sort of internet or mobile data connection allowing users to share files in the offline mode as well.

With an incredibly easy to use interface, first time SHARE it users do not need to go through the hassle of learning to navigate through the application without any roadblocks. Another important feature of the application is the CLONEit feature which allows users to replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data between two devices. SHARE it is available on a wide range of smartphone platforms like iOS, Android, Windows as well as select Blackberry devices having Blackberry OS 10.2.1 or higher. Although there is no particular requisite for Android devices, the developers claim that Android 5.0 or higher is advised for optimal functionality of SHAREit for Windows.

Let us sum up the main features of SHAREit in a nutshell

  • The app is available on he google play store making it a very safe application to download without the hassle of worrying about malwares and spywares affecting your device.
  • Offers super fast sharing speed with no limitations in file size.
  • Multi platform support compatible with quite a number of handheld device platforms.
  • Easy to use interface for facilitated usage and navigation.
  • Completely free of cost application which is functinaol even without the presence of a working mobile daa connection.
  • The application shares all sorts of files spanning music, videos, applications etc.
  • The app is ahuge worldwide success on its way to become the most downloaded sharing app off the official Google Play Store

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PayTm vs Mobikwik vs FreeCharge which One is Better?

We are in the 21st century and we all are so addicted to the online internet world. But we need to accept on thing, the internet has made our life easier.

These days for each and everything we rely on internet. It’s the same with online recharge as well.

I’m pretty sure that most of us might have used online recharge at least once in their lifetime.

Online recharge is really useful because it gives us an opportunity to recharge anytime, anywhere that too without putting more of your efforts.


Isn’t it really helpful?

But the main problem comes over here, as there are so many online recharge platforms such as PayTm, Mobikwik and FreeCharge. So now by the end of this article, I will make sure that you will get to choose the best one by the end.


We all know about PayTm, it is one of the largest online e-commerce website, which was intially started as a recharging website.

When it is about recharging, the site is well structured with all the proper menus and also payment options. It also has a inbuilt wallet using which you can make payments much faster.

The recharge service is pretty simple, you just need to enter you mobile number, select your service, and then just make the payment.

The customer support which is being provided by PayTm is not that good though. There are a lot of bugs as well, now because of these bugs your money will also get deducted from your account.


Mobikwik has been launched recently and it has created a great hype among the online recharge platforms. The offers and the cash backs which are offered by these websites are just insane. It is pretty hard to trust new websites, but still we can trust this one.

The best thing about Mobikwik is the offline payments, there are stores like CCD, Big Bazaar and Sagar Ratna which support the offline payments which are offered by Mobikwik.

But as this is a new website, there are a lot of bugs and problems as well. There are a lot of complaints which are received against this website. The cash from your bank account will be deducted because of the network issues. You might not even get your recharge done and your amount is deducted. The customer support is not that great as well.


Now talking about FreeCharge, it is elegant, simple and more over it is an highly efficient app for recharging. Using FreeCharge you can pay all your bills, ca recharge your mobile and can also top up your DTH as well.

You can make all your payments using FreeCharge, right from your mobile recharge to even paying your electricity bill. The best thing about FreeCharge is that they provide you free coupons which is really worth it. The cash backs are really awesome. FreeCharge customer care team is also one of the largest comparing to other online mobile recharge companies.

Talking about the customer support, I would rate it 4 on the scale of 5, it is really good. The customer support works round the clock to ensure that they can give you the best experience if you encounter any problem.

So among all the 3 online recharge platforms, FreeCharge stands first.

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How to Retrieve Forgotten IOB Debit Card Pin and Net Banking Password

Indian Overseas Bank founded in the year 1937 in Madras is a major public sector bank. It had branches across the country with more than 3500 and majorly operating in Tamil Nadu. IOB headquarter are located in Chennai Tamil Nadu and it had a ATM network of more than 3300 in the country. IOB is also having branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Seoul and representative offices in various countries. IOB has ISO certified in-house information technology department.


Indian Overseas Bank provides services in personal, corporate, NRI and rural banking. It provides various types of services to its customers like saving and current accounts which are basic for a customer in IOB, IOB net banking, mobile banking, loans, insurance, and IOB cards. All these services also had sub services, savings account had corporate salary account, student account, platinum account. Similarly, Loans have housing loans, vehicle loans, education loans and IOB cards have Credit cards, debit cards, merchant offers and more.

How to retrieve IOB Debit card pin?

Every new customer will be given a Debit card along with a PIN at the time of opening the account. The PIN should be used when transacting with the debit card and if the user forgets the PIN then they cannot use it for transactions.

So, what should the user do to retrieve the PIN of his/her debit card?

They need to write a letter to the branch stating that they lost the pin of the debit card and need to reset it or a new one.

Once you submitted the letter to the bank employees they will proceed the request and once its completed you will receive a new PIN which is system generated to your E-Mail address registered with your account.

Once you received the PIN it would be better to change to something that you would remember.

How to Retrieve forgotten Internet Banking Password?

Retrieving password of Internet banking doesn’t need to go to the bank or submit a letter which save time and energy.

Step 1: Users need to click “Forgot password” in the login window.

Step 2: Once you entered login ID it will ask you for the email address registered with the account.

Step 3: If both Login ID and Email address matches the bank’s records then an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with the account.

Step 4: Enter the OTP and click submit.

Now a new password will be sent to the registered email ID and then you can change it to something you could remember long or save in a place which is secure and remembered.

These are the options available for IOB customers to retrieve their lost passwords of Debit Card and internet banking.

Hope this article helps you to retrieve your new password. If you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to use our comment section below.

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Top Five Ecommerce Logistic companies in India

Logistics had been changing in India over the past decade mainly due to the boom in E-commerce industry. Within a decade our shopping habits are changed very much now everyone is first looking to internet to buy products. Initially Books, Electronics and accessories are the brought from online but now everything from apparel, shoes to monthly groceries are being brought from Online.


To support this new trend there is a lot of background infrastructure is required from logistics, warehouses, delivery employees, and much more are required. Lot of new logistics companies are emerging from nowhere and are making their impact in the industry.

Five Ecommerce Logistics Companies in India:

Blue Dart:

Blue Dart had been in the field of logistics for more than 30 years with majorly in courier and supporting corporate sector. Now they are expanding their services for ecommerce companies and making use of their vast network of offices, branches and warehouses across the country. They are also having separate division for aviation called Blue Dart Aviation where they maintain five aeroplanes for faster transportation.

Blue Dart is also having presence internationally, mainly due to its parent company DHL which is one of the top logistics company in the world. They are very experienced in this industry are also trying to adopt fast to maintain face with their competitors.

India Post:

India Post is a public postal service company operated by the Department of Posts of the Government of India. It is the largest postal company in the world with almost 1,55,000 offices and 5,00,000 employees across the country which reach to the remotest part of the country.

India Post had gone to its lowest levels since no one used to send post or mails due to faster internet. The same Internet that almost collapsed it is reviving with ecommerce services. It provides the most affordable, reliable, faster logistics service in the country with vast network of offices and employees.

Go Javas:

GoJavas is a totally Ecommerce oriented logistics company where its services are focused on faster delivery, easy processing, cash on delivery and large hubs in metropolitan cities. As of now GoJavas deliver to more than 2500 pin codes in 100+ cities. Some of the clients of GoJavas are Paytm, Jabong, Healthkart, lenskart, Yep Me and many more ecommerce companies.


eKart is started in the year 2009 as a logistics division for Flipkart. It had introduced many innovate ways to deliver products to its customers. Cash on Delivery, one day delivery, and same day delivery are some of the services that are first introduced in the country by eKart. eKart is delivering to more than 3800 pin codes. Initially it used to only Flipkart but with its vast network of warehouses and employees it now delivering to other ecommerce companies.


Delhivery as the name indicates started in Delhi in 2011 as logistics service in the region Delhi NCR. From then it had expanded itself with a series of funding’s from many companies and now it had a vast network. It is present in 350+ cities with 2000 clients, and delivering more than 200k products a day across the country.

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How to Active HDFC Debit card in ATM? — Full Guide

Debit cards are the plastic cards for the users to avoid carrying huge cash with them in bulk or paper cheques. Debit cards are basically linked to your bank account so automatically drawing the amount from the bank. Debit cards can be used anywhere either in shopping centres, booking movies, food stalls, HDFC net banking etc. Nowadays banks also provide customers with payback reward options and other exciting offers. If there is no money available in the account, the use of debit card got declined. Debit cards are the wonderful means to manage your money along with keeping records of retail transactions and withdrawals.


How to activate the HDFC debit card at ATMs?

Presently, banks send debit cards to the customers by mail and asked them to contact the particular branch for the 4-digit PIN number. Banks ask customers even to check the expiration date and sign on the back of it so that it does not get misplaced.The bank authority requests customers to use that temporary PIN in the ATM for activating the card and create their own PIN number for the security purpose.

Choose always an HDFC ATM available near the visible location and follow the activation instruction by inserting your debit card and PIN number. In case there is any problem, you can contact at the toll-free number provided at the back of your card. Also you can visit the branch and ask the concerned bank authority to activate the debit card.

What happened if the HDFC debit card got damaged/ not working?

In such a situation, immediately contact HDFC bank using phone banking facility available 24×7, where you can hotlist your card and request for the reissuance of a new card. You can even submit a written application at nearest HDFC bank branch for reissuing the card and make ensure that there are no charges levied upon it.

Procedure to be follow if HDFC debit card PIN got blocked

If you entered an incorrect PIN three times in any ATM using debit card, your access might get blocked due to security concerns. After 24 hours, your card got activated and then tries it with the same PIN available with you. Again if the issue remains the same then immediately visit your HDFC bank branch and request for a new PIN.

Few things to keep in mind while shopping online using HDFC debit cards

As a security feature, all HDFC debit cards required four digit PIN number as password for transaction and do not keep it 1234 or your date of birth. Make ensure that the website is secured with https and check the merchant credibility by going through online reviews, comments posted by users. Carefully read the terms and conditions before agreeing to the seller’s privacy policy. If you are a first time user, start with minimal cash in your HDFC debit account, also frequently monitors your account so that you can avoid fraud theft. In case if you found that the amount is deducted from account without your knowledge, immediately take strict action and inform the concerned bank authorities.

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